Married Widow 3

Episode 3

It was four years since Alice travelled.
She had not written any letter to
Okorie for two ycars now. One early
morning. Okorie called the parents to the sitting
room. He greeted the father and the mother
before he began to speak. Daddy. I don’t think I
can continue to wait for Alice. All my age
groups are married and here I am. waiting for
somebody that is overseas. I want to look for a
girl that I will marry before the end of this year
His father looked at him for some minutes and
said. An adage says that we don’t use our
mouth to tell a child that is wise to come out
from the smoke” I have lived with your mother
for more than thirty-six ycars. The decision to
marry her was mine. I was not forced into the
marriage. I did not consider her family’s wealth.
educational qualification or their level of
poverty. I married her because I felt she could
live with me. (Under one roof)
So, if you decide to marry another girl of
your choice, I am in support. Any dog that wait
for the private part of a ram will always sleep
with hungry. I don’t know if your mother has
anything to say. I have little things to say the
mother continued. “My son you know that if
you put yam inside the fire and you go away, the
yam may get burnt. I am afraid of the future
because tomorrow is pregnant. I am not against
any decision taken by my son but let it be in the
best interest of tomorrow. Woman, why do you
talk like a soothsayer? We are after today, we
know that tomorrow must surely take care of
itself. Nnanyi, you have said it all. Go and
prepare for work
Okorie had waited for Alice and he
thought he could no longer continue to wait. He
had stayed for four years. He had no
relationship with other girl within or outside the
village. His friends had used all sorts of
language on him. Often times, Uchenna would
ask Okorie. “I hope you did not give her that
thing before she travelled? Which thing? Okorie
will always ask. You want to hear from my
mouth that there is new maize in town. You
should know what I mean when I ask such
question. I mean if you did not hand over or
submit your particulars to Alice before she
finally left”. Uchenna was laughing seriously
Okorie wanted to hit him at the back before he
realized and ran away
One early morning as Okorie was picking
passengers along the road, he came across
The Married Widow
Mercy alight from the car, he drove straight to their park
Throughout the day his mind did not go away from Mercy. He was deeply in love at first time. He could not wait for closure before he
sent a girl to call Mercy out. She obtained a
permit from the Boss and went out to see Okorie, I thought you must have been waiting for me.
decided to rush down. We normally close at 6 o’clock so that I can get home before night.
Please it is not yet time for me to go. I will wait for you”. It was about 30 minutes more for
Mercy to go. Okorie brought out one tape and slot it in. He packed his car very well by the side of the road. He was listening to the music in the car when Mercy came with a small
handbag in the left arm. He quickly opened the door for her to enter. He speed off. Mercy brought out one meat-pie and gave to Okorie
He took it and thanked her. She brought out another one and started to eat it. Okorie dropped her at their compound before leaving for his
house For three days, Okorie did not see Mercy Although he had told her that he was going on a business trip and will be back on Sunday. He
thought that Mercy must have been in love with another person. He thought of what he could do to convince Mercy of his true love for her, He
did no ask e anything about her past
Experience Heot up. dressed properly and headed for her house He got there and was told by an old woman who had all her front teeth missing that she had I returned from the Church. hope there is no problem” The woman asked “No mama I wanted to see her and deliver some messages. Okay, let me get you a seat so that you can wait for her”. He sat down and thanked the old woman. He was
happy because of the treatment the woman gave to him. He wanted to buy a bottle of malt drink for the woman, but decided to see Mercy first before doing that. He waited for about 40 minutes before Merey came back. The old woman was inside preparing some food. Mercy smiled gently when
she saw Okorie Good Morning Sir. Welcome from the service. Is it long you came here? No about 40 minutes ago, I don’t know if she is your mummy, she gave me this seat and asked me to wait for you Nice to meet you. How was your trip It was fine. could not go to the service because I came back late at night. Where
is your vehicle? She asked. I left it at home to give it a little rest”. She was still standing with her Holy Bible outside before she went into the……..

To be continued……

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