Apostle Johnson Suleiman Blows Hot on Nigerians After Election (Video/Text)


Apostle Johnson Suleiman has as usual addressed Nigerians after the Just concluded Presidential Election. The Apostle who spoke Extensively in a Sunday service blew hot and pass this Message to Nigerians.

It is like what is happening in the country now, Election came and election is past and you see people killing themselves over an election were the two players are friends.

You are killing yourself, making permanent enemies while the two players will be busy sitting down to discuss your foolishnesses over dinner.

The most stupid form of loyalty is to inherit your boss’s enemies. Stop fighting and don’t die for Politicians. they are friends.

He also advised the youth Corpers saying ” Youth Corpers when you hear gunshot run don’t die- 4 Years is 48 months, 48 months is 208 weeks, 208 week  is 1460 days. Don’t die trying to install someone for those few days and because of it lose your years of Thirty.

So opening your mouth to abuse people is senseless and verbal recklessness, it is even of mental bankruptcy.

Verbal buoyancy is a prove of mental solidity.

He concluded by saying. Nigeria is bigger than Everybody, he said politics is a game, if you don’t win today you will definitely win tomorrow, why are you killing yourself, why are you dieing.

he also said that Many of you in Church (Christians) are of different parties and they are now enemies of one another because of political parties.

In a nutshell, he said Don’t Die, Don’t Kill yourself What this county needs is Peace. PEACE…


Here is the Video:

Apostle Johnson Suleiman Blows Hot on Nigerians After  Election (Video/Text) 1

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