Buhari new wife, Buhari alleged to get a new wife

Buhari alleged to get a new wife


Buhari to get a new wife has been the trending topic on various social media and news platforms.


Reports on Various News platform has been engrossed by the recent alleged bid by the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to marry Sadia Umar Farouq as a new wife.


Sadia received her first Ministerial nomination then but she was not considered because of her lack of relevant experience. Instead, she was given an appointment as Head of the Refugee Commission.

First Lady Aisha Buhari saw a red flag when she got wind of information that Sadia was being nominated a second time after Buhari won the 2019 Presidential elections.


This led to another confrontation with President Buhari during the Hajj in Mecca. But her confrontation was in vain as President Buhari’s mind was already made up to marry a second wife. This explains why she traveled to London and has remained incommunicado ever since.



Reno Omokiri has in finalisation said that the Second Wife News of the President is true he wrote ”

1-Apparently, the second wife story is true. What cant be confirmed is the date of the wedding fatiha. This man shouldn’t tempt his Creator. He just recovered from serious ill health and now he wants to add another yarinya! Second Term, Second Wife! Baba o!


Apparently, @THISDAYLIVE broke the story this Sunday, but few noticed. I didn’t know he had stamina like this. And he even gave the new yarinya post! I hope I am invited to the wedding Fatiha. A man who just recovered. Pray we dont hear stories that touch!

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When he said he was “working hard”, we thought it was government work. We did not know it was, let us just say extra curricular activities. Ha! Hard worker! Baba I hail o. Remember what happened to your mentor, Abacha? We don’t want stories that touch


Queen Esther wants to take the place of Queen Vashti! We just hope that the incoming wife will not do what PEPT could not do o! We did not know that this was what he meant when he said #NextLevel! We pray this ‘hard work’ will not end in a London clinic!

[email protected] is working hard to make Rwanda GREAT and somebody here is working hard to make Nigeria’s population GREATER. And he will he lying to us that he is “working hard” for us.’. No wonder. The man has been unusually excited these days. Bedroom power!




Buhari new wife, Buhari alleged to get a new wife



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