Buhari Is The Cause Of The Building Collapse_Aide

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Reno Omokri, ‪a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to act over the collapse of a three-storeyed building, which left many dead in Ita Faji area of Lagos Island on Wednesday.

Reacting to the sad event on Thursday, Omokri said Buhari ought to have travelled to Ita Faji, Lagos Island, where the three-storeyed building collapsed for an on the spot assessment.

He tweeted: “President @MBuhari ought to have travelled to Lagos for an on the spot assessment of the #LagosBuildingCollapse.

Meanwhile as Usual Nigerians has reacted to this Development:

Edosa val

Some Twitter spoke man like you also flew to Russia ural mountain region y r u not in Lagos ….. Mr I just have to criticize buhari, take it’s from me if u r reborn 10x u will never be one tenth as great as d man buhari

Is not about his greatness. I know very well that if his son is involved, without delay he will flew down and pray nothing happened to his son. @MBuhari should lead like a father to all.


My brother, in Nigeria, governors don’t matter. The president is at fault for everything. U see that building that collapsed, it’s the president’s fault.

Mrs Uncommon sense.
If he could campaign for reelection everywhere visiting everywhere in cases like ds too shud b Paramount……..
Nevertheless condolence message too is not bad…..

Ahmad A. Ahmad
I’m @MBuhari his ardent supporter but he’s not doing what’s right at a particular time.
He should have flown to Lagos to console with the parents of those kids

king Bjorn
‏D governor of lagos should have flown to abuja to man the states of affairs

Buhari’s Concubine 💦
I had already knwn that in one way or the other you will find means to blame buhari for these #LagosBuildingCollapse ! When will these stop?

sadeeq hassan
Pls what would the president go there for? He has the state governor on ground, he sent delegates for assessment, it’s not a natural disaster. This was as a result of poor structural engineering architecture, and the ministry that approved the drawings without inspection.

Nura Sabo Anku 🇳🇬
@Nsa20: All President @MBuhari cares is not the lives of the poor Nigerians but his desperation to remain in power and to keep destroying our country. #LagosBuildingCollapse is tragic even that we need to show sympathy and concern to the families and friends of the victims.

Okoro vitalis
Nigerian leaders don’t understand the empathetic component of leadership.

Sam. Ejor
‏ ought to be there with his bullion van. Wetin concern @MBuhari ?? 😂😂

This didn’t have sense for crying out laud!!!

Sir, That Man Is A Saddist! A Man Of ‘ytirgetni’ My Foot, The Snatcher Of The People’s Mandate, The Great Killer, And The Sacarstic Tyrant Of The People.

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