Nigeria Stories- Love and emotional stories

Sex Machine 4

Before I share that information with you,let me tell you this,I and tolu graduated from primary school and as expected she came first and I 2nd.

My graduation day was one of the days I can never forget in my life but unlike the others, it was filled with good memories, my mom and dad were around, it was the first time I’ve seen them for years, they came along with many of their fellow pastors and of course also with ogechi, I can remember sighting some of ogechi’s friends that enjoyed the sexual skills I possess and decided to grace me with their presence.

Sex Machine 3

I could feel her lips all over my umbrella she kept on sucking like her life depends on it,I felt like saying something but no word could come to my brain,it was already occupied with the spell of pleasure,for me this wasn’t love or lust because …

The Sex Machine 2

I was enrolled into the St Barnabas nursery & primary school on the 19th of August 1987,I can still remember that day,the sun smiled at the earth so early that I wondered if it miscalculated the time it was supposed to start it’s journey:it was later I got to know that the sun is stationary and the earth revolves round it,sometimes I remember some of my thinking when I was a kid and I find myself smiling, like I always wondered how people fit into the