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Alewa looked at him and knew without a doubt she wanted to know more about him. She
wanted to know what makes him tick, what gave him such boldness and confidence in himself
when she runs scared of her own shadow, and above all, she really wanted to eat at La Push
restaurant; a five-star restaurant in the heart of Lagos.
She made up her mind. “Okay then, let me just get my purse and car keys.”
“You don’t need your car keys. I’ll be driving.”
She laughed. “If you think I’ll get into a car with a virtual stranger you must think me stupid.”
King drew her back. “What’s with you anyway? I’m a virtual stranger?” he asked angrily. “I’ve
practically spent the last two weeks at your doorstep and you still see me as a stranger? You are
really something.”
“But I didn’t ask you to, did I? Did I ask for your disturbing presence?” she shot back defiantly
“Disturbing, was it? So, I disturb you?” he suddenly grinned.
Alewa looked at him dubiously. “What’s with you? Does that make you happy?”
“Hell yeah. It’s a lot better than indifference.”
“What a strange being you are.”
“I’m not going to make it easy for you to back out. Go get your keys, I’ll follow behind.”
Alewa got in before letting the grin split all over her face. She had a feeling that if she let
herself, she would be in for a cool ride with King in the driver’s seat (figuratively).
Two weeks later…
Alewa watched as Sandra, her co-worker walked towards her desk. Sandra is a friendly sort.
She had been trying to be friends with Alewa since she started working there but she had refused
her every overture until Sandra gave up. Alewa wondered what she wanted now. Why is she
coming towards me all smiles?
“Hi girl.” She shrieked with all her bubbling enthusiasm
“Hi.” Alewa answered reluctantly “Hmm, you look positively sparkly this morning. In fact, a lot sparklier than I have ever seen
you. So what’s his name?”
If Alewa were fair skinned, she would have blushed. “Whose name?”
“Ohhhh even if I was guessing before, that look just gave you away. Oya, spill the beans.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She mumbled.
“Of course you do girl. I mean the name of the new boo. Le nom du boo.” She translated in
fluent French.
“Which new boo? There’s no new boo.”
“Yeah, and I’m Dangote’s daughter. Common girl, I can see it all over your face, you are
practically glowing. Oya spill it. I won’t leave until you talk, you know.” She winked
“There’s nothing to tell Sandra. Now leave me alone so I can go back to work.”
“Hmm you are proving stubborn abi? Don’t worry I’ll get it out of you still. By the way, some
of us are going out for drinks right after work, you are invited and no, I won’t take no for an
answer.” With that she sashayed to her desk.
Alewa groaned inwardly. Drinks? She doesn’t drink and she can’t remember the last time she
hung out with people her own age, if ever. The idea of doing so now terrified her but she was
willing to brave it. It’s just drinks right? What could happen in a few hours? If only she knew.
Alewa and Sandra got to the club some minutes to seven that evening. Thankfully the dress
Alewa wore from the house this morning could double as an office wear and something for a
casual night out. She had repaired her makeup at the little rest room provided for the staff of the
company and she knew she looked good. Her hair and makeup is on point and her dress not too
wrinkled. She was ready to have a bit of fun.
Sandra dragged her by the hand to a chair at the corner and sat beside her. They were there
with another lady and two other guys from the office, making it a party of five. The lady’s name
is Chinwe, one of the guys’ name is Musa and Alewa didn’t get the name of the last guy. Musa
sat beside Chinwe on the other end leaving the space beside Alewa empty for the other guy. He
smiled as he sat beside her and she returned his smile, a bit uncomfortable with the non-existent
distance between them but there was nothing she could do about it. They were all tightly packed
on the settee like sandines in a can.

Sandra ordered for drinks and Alewa requested for Smirnoff Ice even though she had never
tasted alcohol in her life. Tonight though, she is all about trying new things. Their drink came and
they settled down to enjoy it and gist. Before long, a guy came to their table and asked Sandra to
dance; she readily agreed leaving Alewa to face her demons alone. Alewa watched as she gyrated
on the dance floor pushing up on the guy and moving her body in synch with his, wondering how
she could dance like that with a guy she barely knew and if she would ever be bold enough to
dance like that with any guy.
“Hi Alewa.” The guy beside her whispered close to her ear breaking her concentration.
She turned to him alarmed to find him so close to her, barely an inch separated their body.
“Hi?” she returned
“Would you like to dance?”
“No!” she replied sharply. “I mean, I don’t feel like dancing tonight.” She amended
“Then why do you keep watching Sandra as if you’ll like to join her?”
“I’m just observing.”
“Hmm, some observation.”
What’s with him? She thought and turned back to watch Sandra but she was no longer on
the same spot. In fact, Alewa couldn’t find her anywhere on the dance floor.
“Would you like another drink?”
“Oh no, I’m okay. Thank you.”
“Come on, your bottle is almost empty. Let me order another one for you. We’re here to
have fun, right?”
Oh yes! Alewa thought, why am I holding back? “Yes we are.” She turned back to him and
smiled. “I’ll love another drink, thank you.” She likes the taste of the Smirnoff, it takes like palm
wine, only sweeter.
He ordered another drink for her and one for himself too. “So Alewa, tell me about yourself.
I know you’re a brilliant scientist and that you keep to yourself and also that you’re drop-dead
gorgeous but I’ll like to know more.” He smiled lasciviously.
Alewa was surprised. She didn’t know he knew her so well as she hardly knew him. “Sorry I
didn’t get your name?”
“Ebuka Omoriele at your service.” He bowed and swayed a little which just made him look
silly as he was sitting down. Not like King. King’s bow was sophisticated and it made her want to
curtsy, it made her want to bow and salute him as her king. Ebuka’s bow just looked silly.
“Pleasure to meet you.” She lied. It’s not a pleasure at all, in fact there’s nothing pleasurable
about this night except that she got to watch people dance, which in itself shouldn’t have been
all that if she had been used to mingling and going out.
Ebuka moved closer and Alewa wondered what he was doing. She could feel his breath on
her neck as he whispered in her ear. “You’re so beautiful.” She moved away only to crash into
Chinwe and Musa entangled with one another and kissing. She had not noticed them as her
attention had been fixed on the dance floor and then on Ebuka. She quickly averted her gaze
wondering how they could completely let go of all inhibitions in such a public place.
She was trapped between the lovers and Ebuka who was certainly taking liberties with her
and touching her in places he shouldn’t. She slapped his hand away when she felt it on her thigh
and he just laughed drunkenly.
“Come on baby, whatsamatter?” he slurred and that was when Alewa knew he was drunk.
He had been drinking steadily all night and now he must be feeling the effects of the drink.
She made to stand up but he held on to her tightly which made her believe he wasn’t as
drunk as she initially thought. “Let me go.” She whispered
“Where are you going to baby? Don’t you like me?”
She looked to the dance floor and couldn’t find Sandra anywhere. The two beside her were
too engrossed in each other to care about any other person. She was left, with just the crazy guy
beside her. It’s time to go home.
“Let go of me Ebuka. I need to leave.”
“So soon? Let’s have some more fun.” He wrapped his arms around her
Alewa jabbed him hard in his stomach and he let her go immediately.
“Bitch, what did you do that for?” he shouted
“I warned you twice, didn’t I?” Alewa had long made up her mind never to be a victim of any
man ever again and she was not about to fall prey to this fool beside her.
She picked up her purse as he continued to spew invectives at her and made to stand up but
a wave of dizziness overcame her and she had to sit back down. No, no, no, this can’t be happening.

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