“I can’t believe you left me to fend for myself the other night.” Alewa admonished Sandra
on Monday morning.
Sandra laughed. “Why? You’re a big girl now. Did you expect me to babysit you? After all, we
all went there to enjoy ourselves.”
“Yes, but I went along because I knew you’ll be there. I didn’t imagine you’ll go off like that
with a total stranger.”
Sandra looked at her askance. “Are you for real? It’s a club and that’s what you do in a club.
You go dance, perchance you meet a guy and then you go on to have a different kind of fun.” She
Alewa didn’t find it funny but she had no one to blame but herself. She could at least have
invited King along, but knowing him, he would have refused and convinced her not to go too. She
had wanted the experience and she had it; but it was not something she would likely repeat
anytime soon.
Thinking about King made her remember what happened during the weekend. She had
disappointed him when she refused to go to church with him on Sunday. She tried to explain to
him how she felt but she didn’t think he really understood her. How can she believe in a God that
allows bad things happen to innocent people? She couldn’t.
He had called her that morning and they planned to meet in the evening. She was seriously
considering telling him everything about her. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help him understand her
All through that day, Alewa was both excited and terrified of her meeting with King that
She was caught between the decision to tell him of her past or not saying anything at all. She
didn’t want to lose him but at the same time she wanted to be completely honest with him.
Honesty will come at a cost though, and since he’s like the only friend she has in this world, Alewa
didn’t want to jeopardize that friendship by telling him of her dark and shameful past or revealing
how bleak her present and future is.
She took a quick shower when she got back from work and chose an aqua dress with white
flowers strewn all over it. She wanted to look good for King. She was still trying to sort out her
feelings for him; all she was sure of was she didn’t want to lose him. It’s not like she had a yardstick for measuring what she was feeling, she had never had any relationship before so she
can’t use any previous one as a comparison.
Alewa applied her make-up artfully, slipped into a pair of three inch heeled white sandals
and paired it with a white purse. She looked at herself critically in the mirror and was passably
satisfied with what she saw. In truth, she looked gorgeous.
They had planned to meet at a restaurant that is some distance from her home so Alewa left
much earlier so as to make it there on time regardless of the traffic. Traffic was not as bad as she
thought it would be so she made good time. She parked at a corner that would make it easy for
her to leave if she had to escape quickly and got out of her car.
Alewa checked the time and saw she arrived ten minutes earlier than their scheduled time.
She decided to go into the restaurant anyway and order a drink while she waited for King. The
waiter directed her to a window seat that still afforded her a view of the door and she ordered a
bottle of wine and settled down to wait for King.
Alewa was going through her social media when she heard a discreet cough beside her. She
looked up into the face of a total stranger. The guy standing beside her was very tall and very
dark and so not King. She looked at him puzzlingly.
“Can I help you?” she asked
“I couldn’t help admiring your beauty as you walked in and I thanked my stars when I saw
you were alone. May I join you please?”
“Actually, I’m not alone. I’m waiting for a friend.”
The guy ignored her and sat down anyway. “That’s what they all say. Why can’t women just
be truthful? Sweetheart, there’s no shame in dining alone.”
“So why are you enforcing your company on me?”
“Like I said you’re very beautiful and I can’t bear to see you dine alone.” He leered
“Mr, you’re contradicting yourself. One moment, you said it’s not a crime to dine alone and
with your next breath you said you can’t bear to see me dine alone. Make up your mind please.”
“What’s your name?”
Alewa just smiled. She was not about to allow this guy spoil her mood tonight. “Like I said,
I’m waiting for a friend.”

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The waiter brought her wine and opened it for her. Just then, King strolled into the
restaurant. Alewa was so relieved to see him, she jumped up suddenly and that startled the guy
sitting opposite her.
“Wha….?” He started, turning back to see what caught her attention. By then, King was
beside her. He looked from the confused guy to Alewa’s smiling face, wondering what was going
“My date is here.” Alewa told the dumbfounded guy
He quickly scrambled to his feet and hurried away. Alewa laughed.
“What was that all about?” King asked
“Oh don’t mind the guy. He was just being a nuisance.”
Alewa sat down and King joined her. It was then she looked at him properly and his beauty
took her breath away. He smiled and her hear skipped ten beats. What is going on here? She
“I bet he couldn’t resist the beauty he saw.”
Alewa just rolled her eyes.
“I’m serious. You look really beautiful tonight. That color suits you well.”
“Thank you.” She smiled shyly. “You look handsome too.”
King watched Alewa as she sat across him smiling shyly and prettily. She was so unaware of
the effect she has on the opposite sex. Every guy in this restaurant is probably thinking how lucky
he was to have such a beauty seated opposite him. He had a feeling that if she could shed the
tight cloak of invisibility she had enveloped herself in; she’ll end up shinning brighter than a
diamond. Is that the part I’m supposed to play in her life, Lord? He asked thoughtfully.
She shifted in her seat and King knew she was squirming because of his scrutiny. He couldn’t
help but stare at her though. There was a luster on her skin he hadn’t noticed before; it was as if
she was shining inside out. King couldn’t take his eyes off her but he knew he had to break the
“I see you’ve ordered some wine.” He finally ventured
“Yeah, I took the liberty while waiting. You don’t mind, do you?”


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