Igbos Are Powerful People Globally-Reno Omokri

Reno Omoiri

The Bestselling author of Facts V Fiction and Presidential Aide of the Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Reno Omokri have lauded the Igbo ethnic tribe of Nigeria as being the most Powerful group globally.

The Author who said “God uses the marginalization of Igbos for His purpose. I met an Igbo mayor of a major American city. Many Igbo are mayors/MPs in Europe. An Igbo is being considered as a future British PM. Like Jews, the more your marginalize Igbos locally, the more they leave to thrive globally.”

He said “If instead of investing in other zones, Igbos invest in only SE, the zone would not need federal allocation. Much of the IGR generated in Lagos, Kano and Kaduna is disproportionately generated by Igbos. Oil will come and go. The ingenuity of the Igbo is forever. Appreciate them.I don’t know if Igbos understand their power. If every Igbo man, woman and child in Nigeria returns home for a year, the economies of 5 geopolitical zones may collapse. You can’t say this about any other ethnicity. Treat Igbos well. Not for their sake. But for your region’s sake.”

Here are reactions from Nigerians:

Phebby Aniche‏ @PhebbyAniche 
the truth you have said! But we still need our space down here in Nigeria.

Okoye samuel‏ @Authex 

Am proud to be an Igbo man.

Gabriel Chukwuemeka‏ @GabrielChukwue6
We need #Biafra, we need to develop Biafraland, we need to develop #Africa. We are Biafrans. We need to prove to the rest of the world, that a black nation can run a modern civilization. We want to build our industries with our indigenous technologies. I love #Biafra

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Tobechukwu Okafor‏ @tozila 

Igbo runs in my vain…Proudly Igbo

ImageUche Nweke‏ @TechnochemOff 
It is not flesh and blood that reveal this to you.

Rockefeller‏ @rockefella12 

Igbo kwezueeenu….all the way from Finland

Emmanuel Onyedika‏ @E4Emmanuel_ 1.
If you are Igbo and Proud, gather here let’s meet, greet and know ourselves. Our God liveth

Josh King ‏ @amaraedec 
Umu nwanne m. I follow back immediately


Emmanuel Onyedika‏ @E4Emmanuel_
Onye nke anyi, nnoo!

Josh King and 13 others‏ @amaraedec 
Chukwu gozie GI nwannem

Emmanuel Onyedika‏ @E4Emmanuel_
Gozikwaa gi o! 👍ImageDaalu nwanne.

JOHN DEMETRI‏ @johndemetri1
Proudly Igbo/Anambra. Hustling/Money is in our DNA!

Josh King and 13 others‏ @amaraedec 
Igbos are the most progressive tribe in Nigeria, no doubt about that. But we are Nigerians before ethnicity.. Igbos deserves equity and fairness from our government.

 The pathologist‏ @i__amchris 
Someone will come under this tweet to explain how the Igbo’s aren’t marginalized. When the truth is crystal

The King in the East 👑‏ @Kingsleymaximo 
Let them try, I sure won’t dignify them with a response.

Okoye samuel‏ @Authex 1.

The more we The Igbos thrive globally, we must come back to our own states in Nigeria, to join in d development and invest in our states

Sani, Shamsudeen Kangiwa‏ @KangiwaSs 
Igbos are hardworking people, creative and talented. They have the zeal to become their own boss, not the house boys. I respect Igbos for there creativity.

World Of Ideas‏ @world_of_ideas 

One thing separates the Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo. The best Yoruba & Igbo professionals look for the 1st flight out to abroad no matter the situation. The Hausa is not in a hurry going anywhere no matter how bad the country is. Who’ll help develop Southern Nigeria for U all running away?

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Image 🇳🇬 Nigerian Son‏ @UchennaOsigwe 

@renoomokri don’t mind them, we must win

Mazi Pita®  🇳🇬 🇬🇧‏ @Mazipita 
Igbo man being considered as a future British PM? Which one? That chicken-hearted Chuka Ụmụnna who ran way when the press beamed on him immediately he announced that he was running to become Labour leader

BlessedBeyondMeasure‏ @Drmuzoic

At least we know his name. Apart from your family, who else knows you?

Stephen Ughagwu‏ @reco49ers 
Sister, Good afternoon ma, You are very wicked.

BlessedBeyondMeasure‏ @Drmuzoic 

Me ke??? I am innocent oo Good afternoon dear hope your day is going well

Stephen Ughagwu‏ @reco49ers 
Yea, my day is fine, you?

BlessedBeyondMeasure‏ @Drmuzoic 
It’s going pretty well

Jonbull‏ @JP_Obienugh 
Chuka Umunna is about to destroy his chances of being a PM as a member of @TheIndGroup and his 2nd referendum gamble.
You have just said it all. Word of a wise man, time will come when I will tell you the percentage of the knowledge I acquired from you since I started following your tweets. Thank you Reno Omokri I appreciate.

Jimmy Alobo‏ @JimmyAlobo1
They have started again because elections are over. they only remember this when they lose

FARVGAI  🦅‏ @FaragaiSultan
Proudly Hausa Igbos Yoruba we all Nigerians !

jyk_nwanne 🇳🇬‏ @Jykinz 

we are Nigerians before ethnicity. However, I’m proudly Igbo, though I know the tweet is for political gain it’s the truth anyway.

Movement Of The People.‏ @jayarinzel
U will b 4ever blessed…. Ana egbu achara, ona eto

Tochisco87‏ @tochisco87
Am proud to be an Igbo boy, one of the secrets of our success is the apprenticeship being practiced by we the Igbos, once your business is flourishing you assist others. We cherish hard working. We can make Nigeria great if we join hands together @renoomokri thank you so much.

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Ikpaagodo Kingsley‏ @ikpaagodo 
I’m proudly onye Igbo. We still the best. God bless us all.

Jedidiah‏ @toomuchjay 
Like baby’s we don’t don’t die.. we multiply

Ziggy‏ @RollZiggy 

How many Hausa do we have as mayor or in any country congress? My community has more billionaires than the entire state of Kano……..

Jedidiah‏ @toomuchjay 
Don’t mention tribes please, This brings hatred and division

Ogutu Okudo‏ @ogutuokudo
Don’t forget to mention the story of the Igbos is similar to the present day Luo in Kenya who happen to be related to the Igbos as we are all descendants of Nilots whom descended from Egypt. Igbos went left as we went down. Famous
What do seek to achieve with this tweet??..division???…sorry we Igbos would resist this kind of insinuation…it’s just not fair…thought you a pastor…practice what you preach

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