Man Sexually Abuse 8 Years Girl in Irete, Imo State

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The Whole Community has been set to ablaze to the trending issue that has raged on social media platform concerning a man whole sexually abused a girl.

This Shocking incident took place inn Irete Community in Owerri West, Imo State.

We are in shock and disarray over the heartbreaking incident of a man known as Mr. Romanus from Orogwe Autonomous Community who sneaked into Irete Autonomous Community to sexually abuse a girl who is so little to be his own child.

From the information gathered, Mr. Romanus lured the little girl to join him in watching a pornographic video while he used his hand to add to the abuse already done to the little innocent girl.
These ungodly and illicit acts were suspected and discovered by people but Mr. Romanus tried covering up his ungodly deeds but found it hard to do so as he ran out of luck when people mobbed him and he confessed to the acts.


He was beaten up before the quick response of the security team in Irete Autonomous Community who took the matter from there.

Meanwhile, the young man in his twenties who raped a girl of 6 years old few months ago is still in police custody reaping the fruits of his ungodly deed and enjoying things experienced behind the bars of a Nigerian cell that also happened in Irete Community in Imo State.
It is worthy to make known again that various leadership wings in our wonderful community have pledged zero tolerance towards crimes.

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