The Senate receives Edo legislators, and promise to mediate crisis.

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The Senate on Thursday received the embattled members of the Edo state House of Assembly at the National Assembly to hear their grievances and made promises to settle warring factions amicably.

Twelve out of the 14 aggrieved members led by Washington Usifo met with the Senate ad hoc committee set up to look into the imbroglio over the inauguration of the state assembly.

The ad hoc committee headed by the Senate Deputy Minority Whip, Sen. Sabi Abdullahi had on Tuesday visited Edo state on a fact -finding mission to get first hand information on the crisis by meeting with the assembly members loyal to the Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Quoting relevant sections of the constitution to back what the Senate is doing, Sen. Abdullahi told the 12 Edo legislators that “let me assure Nigerians and the good people of Edo state that the Senate is only interested in this matter as related to the constitution, so that Edo state government can function to deliver good governance to the people of the state. We have no other interest on the issue. We are not going to do what the judiciary is mandated to do.

“We are not into anything, but interested in facts, so that when the 109 senators come out with their resolution, the world will see that we are doing the right thing. We are doing only those things that will promote the happiness of this nation.”

Speaking on behalf of the state lawmakers, Washington Osifo, said that when the 6th assembly came to an end on June 7, they were expecting the 7th assembly to kick off immediately, as stipulated by the constitution, but that never happened.

He said that 10 days later when they were getting worried, the governor, who told them that he will make the proclamation when it is convenient.

He disclosed that they were not invited for the inauguration of the 7th assembly, which he said took place about 8pm, adding that they got wind of the inauguration of the assembly from pictures on social media.

Osifo added that when they held a press conference on June 18 to condemn the inauguration, the chief security officer to the governor led thugs with sophisticated weapons to disrupt the conference, adding that they were detained by the police who they thought were there to rescue them.

Addressing newsmen shortly after the meeting that lasted for three hours, Sen. Abdullahi assured that justice will be served and appealed to all parties involved in the crisis.


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